Cable Grips are an integral part of cable laying equipment. Slings and Supplies manufacture the finest quality Cable Grips made from either a single or double weave, which depends on the loads required by you. These Cable Grips are manufactured from galvanised steel rope, although, a stainless steel option is available for even higher loading requirements. When it comes to Cable Grips, there is no requirement or specification we can’t meet.

Standard Sizing of Cable Grip/Socks

CS10 25 - 38mm 455mm
CS11 38 - 50mm Cable Grip 735mm
CS12 50 - 63mm Cable Grip 865mm
CS13 63 - 89mm Cable Grip 990mm
CS14 89 - 115mm Cable Grip 990mm
CS15 115 - 140mm Cable Grip 990mm