About Slings and Supplies

“We work well under pressure”


Slings and Supplies has been manufacturing Whip Socks and Cable Grips since 2007. We strive for innovation, growth and development in everything we do. We produce solutions that provide our clients with the safety standards they require.

When hoses – air, hydraulic, water, etc. – work under high pressure for extended periods of time, they can become fragile and temperamental. This could lead to injury or even death of yourself, your co-workers and your employees. It is for this very reason that Slings and Supplies was established. We guarantee to improve the safety of your work sites with the installation of a Whip Sock. Our Whip Socks can be used on any number of applications, including air and water hoses, as well as hydraulic hoses and slurry hoses.

Apart from Whip Socks, Slings and Supplies also manufactures Cable Grips. Cable Grips form an imperative part of cable laying equipment and are used in a variety of industries, such as engineering and telecommunications.

If you are interested in finding out more about our products, please email us on info@slingsandsupplies.co.za or complete the contact form here.